“Your calling is way beyond content.”

Video transcript:

 I had been working with high schoolers, and I loved it.

But for some reason, I was like, “I don’t know, middle school is calling my name. Maybe those are my people.”

And when I told the students that I was leaving so that I could become a middle school teacher, I had one student say to me, “I think if I had had a teacher like you in middle school, my middle school time would have been way different than what it was.”

Middle school was really tough on that student.

I think it was the first time that I realized how much impact teachers have.

The experience that you give the learners in your classroom can change the paths that they walk for the rest of their lives.

I just remember feeling affirmed: this is what I’m supposed to do. But also like, “Whoa. You’re not just going to get your license to teach English and social studies.

Your calling is way beyond content.”

–Lauren Wesnak Smith
Extended Learning Opportunities Coordinator
at Winnisquam Regional High School
Tilton, New Hampshire