Teacher stories, interviews, and videos related to the beauty of teaching.

“The beauty of teaching is in the learning that happens every single day. They learn new things and I learn by teaching them. Every day, I keep learning how to be a better teacher.”
–Musa Jaafer

Illustration of a teacher with flowers for a head watering the empty flower pot minds of students (the beauty of teaching)
The beauty of teaching. Source unknown, but the signature says “Safaa.”

Lupe Ramirez

It's hard to view my career in stories. Maybe it's not even my story. Maybe it’s the story of my dad.  I grew up in South Chicago. My dad was a preschool teacher. And everywhere we went, it was like, ‘El maestro, el maestro!’ And so that made me a celebrity by extension: la hija del maestro. 

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Jessica Lander

I have the honor and joy of teaching U.S. history and civics to recent immigrant and refugee students. My students come from more than 30 countries: from Colombia, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo, to Cambodia. Most of my students have been in the U.S. for less than five years.

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