The room where it happens

Video transcript:

My daughters go to public school.

And the neighborhood where we live so happens to be very conservative. 

And I think that’s what’s beautiful about public education, because my daughters get to throw their voices into that mix. 

They hear those other voices that think differently than what they get here at the house, and they bring them back to me.

And then I have to think. 

I think that in isolating our children to only hear our points of view, they will never, first of all, be able to defend the way they think — and secondly, they don’t get to throw their thoughts into that public arena:

The room where it happens. 

And especially if you feel strongly about what you are teaching your children, you should want them in that arena. 

And you should tell them, speak up for what they believe in. 

And hopefully in that mix of young people who aren’t as deeply entrenched as we are as adults, they come up with something different and better that recognizes everybody’s humanity. 

But when you remove your children from this arena, you are not only stopping them from hearing other points of view, but you are stopping others from hearing your child’s point of view. 

We have to teach them to challenge, to resist, and to dream of better and to build it. Because otherwise we’re stuck. And that is the opposite of what education is supposed to do.

–Guadalupe (Lupe) Ramirez
English Language Arts Teacher
Lansing, Illinois

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