Why the social-emotional aspect of teaching is important

Video transcript:

My connection with a student was able to save her life.

I was her Business teacher. And there was a point where she was always in class, always participating. She was actually one of my best students. But during the course of the first year I had her, she started missing class.

She did start to get in trouble in school.

And if I see something off, then I’m talking to my students.

I knew that student.

And the text message that I received from her was out of the ordinary. I was texting her, calling her, she wasn’t responding. So I reached out to her mother. I told her, this is different, and no one’s home, so I need someone to go there.

But I kept texting the student, kept calling. 

Her mom did end up leaving work. She was able to come home and intervene. 

She is now flourishing. She found her motivation to do better.

I guess in that moment, when you have someone who’s in distress and they reach out to you, that right there showed me what I truly mean to my students. 

The nurture and love that I give them, that’s the most important thing for me as a teacher.

To see that what I have poured into them, they’re actually taking heed to it and taking action on it. 

–Kanisha Jenkins
High School Business Teacher at School City of Hammond

Hammond, Indiana

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