Teacher Elevation Week

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About this initiative:

#passthe🎤 is a Teachers in Their Power campaign in honor of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Passing the mic is one of the best ways to support teachers and their students. Educators have a deep understanding of what’s happening in our schools, but they don’t always have the chance to be heard. By intentionally elevating the voices of teachers, we create spaces where teachers can share their experiences as professionals and as advocates for children.

Passing the mic can also help address inequities that exist in our education system. Teachers from all different backgrounds offer valuable perspectives. By amplifying their voices, we draw attention to the unique challenges of communities across the country — as well as possible solutions.

Did you know?

  • Teachers and principals have 2x the stress rates of the general working adult population. (RAND 2022)
  • Over half of American teachers plan to leave education earlier than they had planned. (NEA 2022)
  • Although 94% of teachers believe they can make a difference in this world, only 60% feel confident voicing their opinions and concerns. Only 54% feel they have a voice in decision making at school. (Quaglia survey of 30,000 teachers)

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